Television/ Video Production students win top awards

Out of 38 entries, two students from the Television/Video Production associate degree program earned the top two prizes at the sixth annual Student Video Cirque. The Milwaukee chapter of Media Communications Association- International (MCA-I) sponsored the contest.
Miranda Morn won first prize for her video titled “My Escape.” The video is about a young woman who escapes from a domestic argument by listening to music and applying makeup. A picture of an owl on her dresser inspires her. Morn says the owl represents, “wise, strong, hunter.” During the entire video a voice-over carries the story.
Morn said she was inspired by music and the opportunity to be creative. She enjoys narrating pieces and going out on a limb. “I have all these shots in my head when I’m listening to music. I like to have a creative piece,” said Morn.
Morn began her TV career before she attended MATC. While a student at Oak Creek High School, the elective she chose was overfilled so she was asked to try TV. In 2007, Miranda started in TV. Later in her high school career, she covered sports events for her school. “Taking that class truly opened up my world to a new career opportunity I never would have experienced and here I am now!” exclaimed Morn.
Adam Lilley took second place for his video titled “Permanent Brand Permanent Markers.” Lilley describes his video as a comedy spoof of infomercials. “The goal of the video was to see how many times I could say permanent in three minutes. I don’t know how many times permanent was said, but it was a lot and it was hilarious,” said Lilley.
His idea came from an earlier assignment about commercials, but the actual video was part of larger production Lilley was working on.  “Every second year TV students have to produce a full-length show for the TV workshop series. I did a sketch comedy show called ‘Sketchy,’” said Lilley.
He became interested in video as a child, watching what he says was “probably too much TV.” He decided to join the program after seeing a brochure at the West Allis campus. “I am very proud and grateful that I found something I can do for the rest of my life.”