Black Student Union works at improving students’ lives

The Black Student Union, located in room M329 of the Downtown Milwaukee campus, is making a difference in the lives of MATC students.
The club has been around for more than 20 years and is currently made up of 15 students. They are busy planning upcoming projects. The group has the ambitious aim of rising to greatness by spreading positivity and educating students about their relevance to MATC and in society through a more cultural and idealistic view.
Alexander James, Entrepreneurship program and BSU member, is very excited about his role as coordinator of the Open Mic event happening Feb. 25 in the S-Building Cafeteria from noon – 3 p.m. James, who is expected to graduate this spring, said that the organization has enhanced his communication skills and helped him to become a good team player.
Kyle Jenkins, Liberal Arts student and sergeant-at-arms officer of the BSU, expressed his passion for informing African-American students to be aware of their excellence. Jenkins told the Times that the BSU is teaching him how to be a better person through accomplishing things, overcoming challenges and learning how to build a structured organization created “for us, by us.”
Kendrick Watkins, Marketing program and BSU president, is in his first semester as leader and chief of the group after previously serving as vice president. Watkins’ stated goal is “to bring back organization and leadership to this club.” Watkins knows part of his job is to motivate students to succeed in their studies and in their various career paths.
The BSU is having a Soul Food Celebration on March 27 at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.
The Black Student Union is a club that believes that great things can be accomplished through teamwork and effort.