Mind your manners

Manners. Is it something we’re born with, or taught? One can recount the number of times that you’ve ever held the door for a stranger, only to get a body storm past, and no, “Thank you.”

But when I think of the pet peeves I have with lack of manners, my list doth scroll out like a red carpet of shame.

Let’s recall some to mention. Firstly, let it be known to all parties present that there is no number one, for they all get on my nerves equally so, however, since this occurs at least once a month in the City of Milwaukee for me, let’s go with the “Street Conversation-ist.”

Yes, stopping your car in the middle of the street to talk to the next car, or person standing, is just the best thing ever. I love it especially when they could have pulled over, but, no! Keeping you waiting until they’re done is gold in a packet. Luckily, I’m no drive-by shooter. Next would have to be the “Stall Door Stalker.”

It is commonly courteous to allow one room of privacy in a space with shoes presently shown. Especially, if there are no sign of footwear in any other vacancies. So why is it that a hand of terror reaches out to shake the door decor of a situation clearly taken?

And having to say outwardly, “Someone’s in here,” is so embarrassing and unnecessary, because now they have a voice to match with shoes. I believe forceful demand in ownership of odor is bathroom cruelty.

Can’t we all just learn to look down at the pair of feet and walk away? Next would have to be the “Movie Theater Talkers.” Why, oh why, did you even come? You paid good money to get all the way to a feature film to talk to people?

I thought the whole idea of going was to get away from them for a while? Let’s also join them with the ones who bring their crying baby. I thought the whole idea was to get away… OK, that was a little harsh, but well said. Crying, irritable little ones are no place for paying patrons.

Lastly, I’d have to go with the rude food server. Hey, I understand that you only make pennies and rely on tips and such, but, it helps if you are nice to me. Having Cranky Franky yell at customers for asking for ketchup is a sign of public blame.

Is it our fault that you took a job that you absolutely hate? No. That is your fault. How about, figure out what you’re good at and apply for that job instead.

I could go on and on about the issue of bad etiquette, but I thought it would be good to give you a chuckle on a few of mine. I won’t keep you, but I will remind you to mind your manners.