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A little nudge here, a burp there, a disgusting smell or a loud noise, all of these could be your biggest pet peeve regarding manners. Manners are social conduct, the way we act around others. These days it seems we lack more and more manners.

There are things that bother all of us and some that bother only a few of us. A common response was people chewing with their mouth open. An answer that especially hit home was saying your please and thank yous. Remember when please was the magic word?

Manners are not just for the very young or old, they include everyone, and everyone is not always polite.

For example, while riding the bus, there is often the scene of a young person sitting in the place reserved for the elderly, disabled or pregnant, and when such a person gets on the bus, the young person does not move.

That is rude. You are making it that much harder for the other person.

We are not considerate to each other anymore. In this day and age you see more and more of the me generation, and that does not just apply to young people. Everyone is so obsessed with themselves that they forget about the people around them.

So this holiday season, think about being kinder to one another. We are all humans and there is no reason we should forget that.

We asked six students, “What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to manners?”

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