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How do I hire a student worker?

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The following step-by-step guide should answer all of your questions regarding hiring a student worker. 

To post your student worker position, visit the MATC website. Click on the JOBshop icon near the top of the page, then on the lefthand side, click on Work Study. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Post a Student Worker Job and follow the prompts.

Once your job is posted and students have contacted you, you can formally interview the student, have a casual conversation, or walk them through the position responsibilities. You can use any process that suits the nature of the position and helps you decide if the student is a good fit.

If hiring a work study student (not budgeted), ask students to bring a copy of their financial aid award letter to see if they have been awarded funds or are at least eligible for work study funds.

The student also can check INFOnline to see how much work study funds they have been awarded. If they have not been awarded work study funds but are eligible, contact the financial aid office via email at to request the student be awarded work study funds.

Print off the new student worker enrollment packet or the returning enrollment form from the MATC website under the JOBshop icon and under Work Study. Have the student complete their portions and then as the supervisor, you will need to fill out and sign some of the documents.   

Once you have completed your part of the application and all forms are complete, have the student bring the application to the JOBshop in Room S114 or send via email to If you are located at another campus, sending it via interoffice mail is allowed.  Students need to provide identification for their I-9 form to be completed.  Students also need to provide a voided check for their direct deposit process. 

Once all paperwork is complete, it is then taken to the Human Resources department for processing. When the student worker paperwork is received back from HR, time sheets are created. This process usually takes about 10 days or longer. Time sheets will be emailed to the supervisor as long as the student worker has completed their online orientation. 

If you have any questions, please email or call the JOBshop at 414-297-6244.

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How do I hire a student worker?