I scream, you scream, we all scream for nice cream


Dear diet detectives- I always have a hankering for some ice cream after dinner, but we all know that ice cream isn’t the best for you, what are some better choices or recipes I can try to satisfy my ice cream cravings? -Jordan Sangria


We all know that feeling after we get done with a good ole bowl of ice cream, our sweet tooths are satisfied, and we can feel a brain freeze coming on. If only there were a way of eating ice cream that didn’t cause a guilty feeling in your stomach every time. A few years ago companies like Halo Top, Enlightened, Arctic zero, etc. started releasing their own versions of “healthy” ice cream using words like “low calorie” and  “good source of protein” on their packaging. When in reality they are all loaded with sugar including all the added sugars and unlike actual healthy ice cream they contain no nutritional benefits. Moving on to bigger and better ice creams, a new “ice cream” called nice cream, yes I said nice cream.

This delight is fruit-based, dairy-free, vegan, not processed, and free of artificial dyes and preservatives. That sounds perfect, doesn’t it? So I’m sure you guys are wondering what it is. “You simply freeze the fruit, whip it in a food processor for a few minutes, and *poof*. It morphs into a custardy, soft-serve treat.  Nice cream is a banana-based ice cream that can be easily whipped up with a food processor or a blender and a few ingredients. Bananas are the base of the nice cream and it creates the creamy texture that you’re used to in ice cream. From there you can pretty much add whatever you want including fruits from A to Z, nut butter, nuts, cinnamon, extracts, etc. and then freeze it. The next day or hours later you can enjoy a frozen nutritious treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

What makes it nice?  Unlike other ice creams, nice cream contains nutrients because it uses good quality raw ingredients that are not made in a factory or highly processed. Since nice cream uses quality ingredients that are full of goodness, many nice cream recipes are high in potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber, and vitamins C and B6, and more depending on the fruits and ingredients you use. Nice cream is also low in sodium, saturated fats, and calories. A big ingredient in regular ice cream is sugar and all of that sugar is artificial and added, however in nice cream all the sugar is natural from the fruits you use, or if you use honey as a sweetener unless you use toppings higher in sugar like chocolate chips or sprinkles. Now that your mind is thinking about nice cream I will include this recipe for inspiration! I hope you put creativity first and find some awesome recipes that will help after-dinner ice cream cravings!

Emily Wilson

Dietetic Technician student!

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Recipe:  https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/02/frozen-banana-ice-cream-recipe-with-peanut-butter-honey.html