Would you be more likely to attend a Bucks game if a new arena was built?

In January Gov. Scott Walker made a proposal to invest $220 million into building a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. He said a new growth in income tax revenue would help bring enough money to the table to cover $220 million worth of state-issued bonds. In addition to the $220 million, the Bucks’ owners will provide at least $150 million.
The new arena will be expected to cost a total of $400 million to $500 million. Walker has also said that there could be a possibility that the Bucks would leave Milwaukee if a new arena isn’t built, which could cost nearly $10 million per year in income tax collections alone.
But will building a new arena influence people to go more often? Will it bring more money in? Does it even matter? A few students have said that building a new arena wouldn’t even matter because people are more interested in seeing other events.
Some may go for the experience, but it wouldn’t influence them to go more often than they normally would. But there are students who are fans of the Bucks and would love to see the Bucks have their own arena. It would bring something a little bit different to Milwaukee.
Students from the Downtown Milwaukee campus give their response to the question, “Would you be more likely to attend a Buck’s game if a new arena was built?”perspective velez perspective pfannenstiel perspective McNeil perspective lehner perspective henschke perspective butler