Don’t rent trouble


Here is what you should know before you rent:

  • Landlords may not advertise or rent condemned property
  • Landlords must disclose housing code violations they have been notified about, but have not corrected as well as those defects they know about but have not corrected
  • Landlords must also reveal structural defects, a lack of hot or cold running water, serous plumbing or electrical problems, and other hazards
  • Landlords must provide an address that is staffed regularly and can find a responsible person to pay rent or address concerns to
  • Bedrooms in attics and basements are illegal if there is only one exit

Finding a decent place to rent requires thorough inspections of apartments and the strength to keep looking when apartments don’t pan out.  You have the right to inspect the unit before you rent it.  If you are in Milwaukee County and your landlord doesn’t make promised repairs, call the Department of Neighborhood Services at 414-286-2268.

Editor’s Note:

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