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Deadlines for Free Tuition Programs are Closer Than you Think

by Victoria Magee, Editor and Chief

December 17, 2019

One of the keys to being considered for grants, loans, and scholarships is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better know as FAFSA. This is also true of both the High School and Adult Promise. There are two separate deadlines for each program: Final Deadline for Adult Promise...

We need some help with a few stories

October 15, 2019

Two areas of the world are in the news these days -- Syria and Ukraine. The MATC Times would like to talk to students from these areas to get their perspective. Among Syrians, we are, in particular, looking for someone who identifies as a Kurd. For Ukraine, we're looking for your perspectives on the...

Times Photo Contest Open to All

Times Photo Contest Open to All

by Andrea Clunie, Photo Editor

September 29, 2019

The Times invites all students to participate in the 2019 photography contest. The themes of this photo contest include: PORTRAIT - The portrait is very open to interpretation but the subject is typically human or could be a beloved companion animal. LANDSCAPE & WILDLIFE - A broad theme that ...

National Award-Winning Adviser Honored

September 29, 2019

Retired Times adviser Tom Gould was recently named ad­visor emeritus by the newspaper’s editorial board. Gould was the longest run­ning adviser to the paper in the school’s history, serving a total of 34 years. From 1972 to 2006 he helped to encourage, motivate and teach students how to be bet­ter...

History-Making Editor-In-Chief Returns to Lead Times Staff

History-Making Editor-In-Chief Returns to Lead Times Staff

September 22, 2019

Victoria Magee has been appointed editor-in-chief of The MATC Times for the 2019-20 school year. Along with heading up the Times, Magee will be taking courses toward her degrees in Business Management and Human Resources. This is Magee’s second stint as editor-in-chief of the Times. In 1987 she...

Johnny Craig resigns

Johnny Craig resigns

by Victoria Magee, Editor-in-Chief

August 27, 2019

A desire to be closer to family drives vice president to depart Johnny Craig, vice president of Student Services and Enrollment Management, announced his resignation on May 29. In a letter addressed to Student Government leaders, the vice president stated that his departure was due to a need to be closer to family. According to Craig, this decision will take him ba...

Students address MATC Board of Directors

by Leah Fischer-Toerpe, Feature Editor

August 22, 2019

On June 25, the MATC District Board was addressed at their monthly meeting by three students who described their leadership roles in student clubs and their experience with the Office of Student Life. Marissa Nicholson, president of Student Government, told the board she had been the student advocate...

Abandoned hospital renovated to apartments for the homeless

Abandoned hospital renovated to apartments for the homeless

by Eric Lena, Times Business Manager

March 19, 2019

Sixty new residents are moving to our neighborhood, out of the cold and off the streets, into a permanent housing situation. The formerly abandoned St. Anthony’s Hospital has been renovated and converted into permanent housing for homeless living on the streets of Milwaukee. Located one block west...

Darrin Alston Jr. brings new life to card games

Darrin Alston Jr. brings new life to card games

by Bethany Eischen, Times Online Editor

February 15, 2019

“I can sit and be pissed, or I can do something constructive with my energy.” That is the thought process behind Two F**ks, a card game designed by Darrin Alston Jr. Alston is a graduate of MATC, having studied in the graphic design, animation, and computer simulation and gaming (design track) programs....

MATC’s Alumni Network has risen from the dead

by Maribel Guarin, Times Staff Reporter

February 5, 2019

Great news for soon-to-be MATC graduates: the school’s Alumni Network is back and aims to be better than ever. The organization, coordinated by Bob Holland, coordinator for scholarships and alumni services through the MATC Foundation Inc., serves to provide alumni with lifelong connections to the...

MATC encourages family literacy

by Valerie Evans, Times Staff Photographer

January 24, 2019

Reading to your children can stimulate their mind and imagination in many ways. While it’s never too late to start, it’s important to try to start at a young age and stick with it. Reading is a vital part of life and used on a daily basis. Beginning this fall, the MATC library will have a collection...

Massey, champion of the underdog

Massey, champion of the underdog

by Peace Speaks, Times Staff Reporter

January 22, 2019

“Legacy is not leaving something for people, it’s leaving something in people.” ~ Peter Strople Oftentimes, we hear about those who have made great contributions to our society on television, movies and books, in the limelight. There are so many everyday people who do extraordinary things. Rosemary...

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