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Marketing graduate Kyle Brightsman prepared for success

Kyle Brightsman

by Christine Smith, Times Staff Reporter

February 19, 2020

Brightsman set his bar this high once he found a major that checked off creativity, learning new material, and having teachers go above and beyond to make sure the students learn as much hands-on as they could. Aside from completing his studies, Brightsman worked at job coaching, preparing students to...

Women’s softball tryouts

women's softball

February 19, 2020

Head coach Terry Wagner will be holding softball tryouts on Jan. 22 in the downtown campus gymnasium from 4-6 p.m. All interested students should come prepared for a workout. If you have any questions, contact Coach Wagner at 414-704-7350 or [email protected]

Martinez serves up a Puerto Rician classic dish


by Victoria Magee, Editor-in-Chief, and Alex Martinez

February 19, 2020

Alex Martinez is third generation Puerto Rican decent who grew up in the suburbs and was not taught the Spanish language growing up. He says the main thing that connected him to his culture was food. “My grandmother was really big into making authentic Puerto Rican food,” said Martinez. “We...

Leading with Shanice — by Shanice Hemphill

Shanice Hemphill

February 19, 2020

We may be living in the internet age where information travels at the speed of light. The age when you can have just about anything delivered to you by using an App. There are still some things that you can’t get or make happen at the click of a button. There are some businesses that might’ve...

Summerfest May be Over but the Fun Continues Through the Fall

Fire Works

January 30, 2020

Summerfest is one of the largest music festivals in Wisconsin, but will it remain that way? According to Summerfest numbers last year, there was an 8 percent drop in attendance for 2018, and based on observation, this year didn’t look much improved; the seemingly low attendance could be caused in part...

We need some help with a few stories

October 15, 2019

Two areas of the world are in the news these days -- Syria and Ukraine. The MATC Times would like to talk to students from these areas to get their perspective. Among Syrians, we are, in particular, looking for someone who identifies as a Kurd. For Ukraine, we're looking for your perspectives on the...

Leading With Shanice Featuring Shanice Hemphill

Leading With Shanice Logo

September 30, 2019

  Not everyone considers themselves a leader. However, we are all leading someone somewhere, be it good or bad. The title leader doesn’t only apply to the president, teacher, manager, etc. It also applies to every mother, brother, sister, father, son, student, etc. That’s you and I. There ...

Animation Partnership with UWM Showing Signs of Success

MATC animation instructor Tim Decker riding off to spread the word about the animation transfer program.

by Gabrielle Taylor/ Times Staff Reporter and Victoria Alexander/ Times Staff Reporter

September 29, 2019

    What does animation mean to you? Do you think of cartoons like “The Simpsons,” or the CGI creatures seen in a Hollywood blockbuster? Maybe you think of comic books or a student’s stop-motion clay film; whatever you picture when you hear animation, the definition encompasses t...

FAST Fund New Partnership with Local Grocery Store

Renovation work continues at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church on Ninth St. and Highland Ave., one year after a fire caused over $17 million in damage. In our next issue, the Times will go inside the 140-year-old church for an exclusive look and discuss renovations with its

by Victoria Magee, Editor-in-Chief

September 27, 2019

To combat student hunger and food insecurities, FAST Fund representatives and 12th District Alderman Jose Perez announced a new partnership with Pete’s Food Market. This agreement will start by offering a 25% discount on food cards. This will give the nonprofit a greater ability to help more students...

Students Address MATC Board of Directors

by Leah Fischer-Toerpe, Feature Editor

September 22, 2019

                               On June 25, the MATC District Board was addressed at their monthly meeting by three students who described their leadership roles in student clubs and their experience with the Office of Student Life. Marissa Nicholson, president of Student Governme...

Abandoned hospital renovated to apartments for the homeless

Abandoned hospital renovated to apartments for the homeless

by Eric Lena, Times Business Manager

March 19, 2019

Sixty new residents are moving to our neighborhood, out of the cold and off the streets, into a permanent housing situation. The formerly abandoned St. Anthony’s Hospital has been renovated and converted into permanent housing for homeless living on the streets of Milwaukee. Located one block west...

MATC’s Alumni Network has risen from the dead

by Maribel Guarin, Times Staff Reporter

February 5, 2019

Great news for soon-to-be MATC graduates: the school’s Alumni Network is back and aims to be better than ever. The organization, coordinated by Bob Holland, coordinator for scholarships and alumni services through the MATC Foundation Inc., serves to provide alumni with lifelong connections to the...

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