What could MATC do to improve student enrollment?

Have you noticed that the halls have been emptier these last couple semesters?
Why have we seen fewer students in classrooms, or students deciding to drop out after just a few weeks of class? There has been more of a decline of student enrollment at two-year colleges than four-year colleges.
Tuition fees have increased, which could be leading to less enrollment. There also have been less young students enrolling.
One student had said that writing stories about former graduates might help get the word out. Then people can learn about the experiences students had here and how what they learned here helps them in the outside world.
Maybe being able to access better information about programs and classes could be a bit more helpful.
This question has been a tough one for many students to answer because some think there isn’t much that could be improved.
It might not be just about MATC itself but about the programs. Some students had also brought up the fact that maybe MATC needs to advertise itself more. So, students may want stop and ask themselves this question: What could MATC do to improve student enrollment?perspective smithPhoto by Ashley Zunker
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