New Fashion Club at Oak Creek hits the runway

There is a new fashion club at MATC this semester. It meets at the Oak Creek campus once a week and has a small event every month.
If you couldn’t make it to the meetings, come to the events. They encourage you to come to both, but understand if you can only make it to one.
Fashion Club is open to all students interested in fashion. The student needs to have at least one class at the Oak Creek campus to join the club, but can always come to the meetings as a guest. This club is great for students to open up connections. They get to meet other students and it also helps students with experience and getting an extracurricular activity to put on their résumé. Students also get the experience of sharing their creativity with the people in the club.
Fashion Club also can help with learning about marketing or business along with design.
Fashion Club has many activities planned. One of the plans is having a local fashion designer, James Budreau, talk to students on March 31. He designs tuxedos and he will be speaking about fashion, marketing and business. It is free to students.
The club members also want to do a photoshoot when it gets warmer. They are going to team up with the Photography program and do a photoshoot outside. They already have volunteers to model, do hair, style looks, and do makeup. Their theme will be “Vintage Garden” and they are excited to do it.
Another focus is to get the MATC name out there. So the members want to do a brown bag lunch for the homeless. They want to add Chapstick or sunglasses to the bags to incorporate fashion, but they also want to give a good name to MATC.
The energy is always high in the club. Even if it is small, the members know it will grow bigger with students who are interested. They hope they can get students from different programs to join and make it an amazing club.