Grand Ball to the rescue!


Photo by Jordan Deck

Shaun Hoekman (L) and Leila Kane are this year’s Downtown Milwaukee campus Grand Ball king and queen. They were both sponsored by the Biotechnology Network Club.

Annual event parties it up, comic book-style

On Saturday, April 18, students from all campuses attended the annual Grand Ball event to crown the new kings and queens of each campus. This year’s theme was Superheroes and Villains. Students also got to dress up as their favorite villain or superhero. People dressed up as a lot of things from movies, video games, and comic books. Each person that wore a costume was unique and no two attendees were dressed alike.
The event took place at Evolution, a table tennis nightclub in Milwaukee’s Third Ward neighborhood. The place was filled with things to do. There were two giant Jenga tables, pingpong tables, darts, dancing, socializing and, if you were 21 and older, a bar. It was entertaining to see the people dancing to ‘90s songs and singing along to songs that are popular now. At one point there was even a large follow-the-leader dancing train with Wonder Woman as the lead.
Evolution was decorated accordingly. They had cardboard cutouts of superheroes and villains, signs on the wall, wrist bands laying all over and Tootsie Roll pops with capes on them. You felt like you were in a comic book.
Towards the end of the night, everyone took a break from dancing to announce the kings and queens of each campus. After they were crowned, everyone went back to dancing for a little bit and some went home. It was a wild night full of superheroes and villians partying in the same room. Who would have imagined that they would all get along just fine?
This year’s Grand Ball Kings and Queens:

Mequon Campus
Rose Paulus, Student Government Association
James Standberry, Student Government Association

Downtown Milwaukee Campus
Leila Kane, Biotechnology Network Club
Shaun Hoekman, Biotechnology Network Club

Oak Creek Campus
Mason Zager, Criminal Justice Student Organization
Courtnay Zoch, Student Government Association

West Allis Campus
Angela Amborn, Student Government Association
Benjamin Patulski, Welding Club