Strong start fades for men’s basketball team


The Stormers started the season scorching hot, winning each of their first three games by more than 30 points! Unfortunately, that streak came to an abrupt end as the Stormers went on to lose their next four consecutive games leaving them with a record just below .500 with 3W-4L.

The Stormers have been performing efficiently on the offense, aside from their 64-50 loss against Rochester college. They scored 569 total points this season, which puts them in the Division III Top 10 for total points. They are also in the Top 5 for blocks per game, swatting away 7 shots per game.

These stats only paint part of the picture. Averaging over 20 fouls and 20 turnovers per game has resulted in allowing the opposing teams to score an average of 75 points per game, one of the worst marks in the division.

Evan Runkel and Kyan Pleasant have been carrying the load on offense both averaging 13.5 points per game.

On defense, Damon Simpson Jr. has been a force to be reckoned with averaging 2.4 blocks per outing, putting him at number 10 overall in the country.

Overall, it seems the Stormers have all the tools they need to have a successful season, it’s just a matter of limiting fouls and turnovers and being able to put all the pieces together on a nightly basis.