Red Arrow Park houses Trump inauguration protests

Community members come together to voice displeasure with inaguration


Photo by Keith Schubert

Protesters come together at Trump inauguration march

“The people united will never be divided.” That was just one of the chants you could hear echoing through the streets of Milwaukee on Jan. 20 as hundreds of protesters gathered at Red Arrow Park to voice their displeasure with the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

The two-mile march around downtown Milwaukee was organized by the Wisconsin Coalition against Trump.  Other organizations like Voces De La Frontera and the Wisconsin ACLU were on hand to help facilitate.

Despite protesters being there to express their discontent, the feeling of unity was in the air.  Ann Heidkamp, professor at MATC, said, “What is great about demonstrations like these is they bring together a lot progressive voices.”

Some protesters came out to combat their fears of what the new administration might do. Milwaukee local, Mark Haag, expressed his biggest fear stating, “President Trump doesn’t seem like a very stable person and he has the nuclear codes and he has expressed interests in using them, that’s scary.”

Lolli Wheeler, who drove down from Baraboo, Wis., was there to protest the “imbalance in the government right now with the Republicans controlling the House, Senate and presumably the Supreme Court,”  adding, “It’s a scary time right now.”

It wasn’t just fear though; there was a lot of hope. Wheeler hopes, “He gets zillions of lawsuits filed against him and he gets impeached within the first six months.” Haag says he hopes, “Washington takes note of all the demonstrations across the country that are in opposition of the radical Trump agenda.”

Haag said that he hopes the protest will help “people to realize we need to continue to organize and come together to make sure that everyone gets out to vote, because that’s the best way to make your voice heard.”  Wheeler added, “I’m going to call my local and state representatives on a weekly basis to make sure the resistance keeps up,” and hopes everyone at the rally will do the same.