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Think twice about dropping classes

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We all have that one class that we don’t like. Whether the subject may not be appealing or the material is difficult, there will be a point where we want to give up. There are other reasons for dropping classes as well, such as health-related issues or work schedules. If you wish to drop a class based on lack of interest, you may want to reconsider.

You should always speak with an adviser before you drop a class. Also speak with a financial aid staff member to see what may happen to your financial aid package after you drop.

If the material of your class is difficult, there are tutoring services in the library of each MATC campus. Instead of resorting to dropping a class when the material seems to get increasingly difficult, you can visit the library from 7:45 a.m.-6 p.m. or tutoring center Monday through Friday to get the help you need.

If you’re set on dropping a class, there are a few requirements. Financial Aid and Admissions Director Camille Nicolai explained, “You must have both a minimum semester grade point average and a cumulative grade point of a 2.0. Along with that, a minimum of 67 percent semester completion rate.” Students who fail these requirements will be on “Academic Warning.” You are only able to change your status by completing those requirements. If you currently take 12 credits, then you have a lesser chance of losing financial aid money versus attending school part time with fewer than 12 credits.

Dropping classes may result in complications with financial aid. You will have to pay a portion of the financial aid after dropping your class.

When dropping a class, you should always think twice. Is it worth sticking through the course and getting extra help or is it worth dealing with the repercussions of dropping?

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Think twice about dropping classes