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As creative and involved as I try to be as a student, I never before heard of the Phoenix Literary Magazine. I know you’re just as anxious to find out what it is and I am obliged to share.  Coincidentally, University of Knoxville, Tennessee has its own version also called the Phoenix. Their version of Phoenix is a literary arts magazine, both online and printed, that was founded in 1959.

It offers an exciting diversity of publications, and aims to encourage and maintain a rising level of literacy and artistic creativity. The Tennessee Phoenix is published each semester during the regular school year.

The magazine reports and reflects on trends pertinent to cultural interests, and relevant to literary and artistic interests. It strives to provide a voice to all schools of thought in literature and the arts in the campus community. It acts with an educational purpose by helping to maintain a rising level of intelligence, independent thinking and cultural achievement.

The editorial board of the Phoenix is responsible for overseeing a proper balance between literary and artistic content while emphasizing cultural trends of campus life at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The magazine highlights works with respect to prose, poetry, art, and in the serious or humorous nature.

I’m sure you’re thinking that this is awesome for the students of the University of Tennessee. What a great opportunity for them to have the chance to express themselves through a creative publication! We should have something similar for the students of MATC. Well, drum roll please – MATC will be offering this opportunity to all in conjunction with the Phoenix. Once before, MATC extended this as an outlet for students and we’re bringing it back!



So, here’s more great news – the MATC Phoenix is scheduled to return fall of 2019. All students, alumni, staff, and faculty are encouraged to submit their works of prose, poetry and art. Starting fall 2019 the publication will accept submissions of original songs, instrumental material, band performances, monologues, choreography, short film, and other forms of media. Wow! I must say that’s all things creative. Forms of media that are outside print capacity will be published on the Phoenix website.

I encourage any interested students, staff and alumni to submit their work. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to enhance your portfolio  and simultaneously showcase your creativity. Show the world what you got! Well, at least the subscribers or readers of the publication.

I can’t express enough how great I think this is for our students. Looks like I’ve found another place to express myself. If this was a text message, I’d put a happy emoji right here.

If you’ve been looking for a way to share your talent with the world, here’s your chance! So get out there, kid, and show them what you’re made of.

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