Positive vibes from Equan Burrows


Photo by Shane Potter

Interim Director of Student Life Jeannie Bynum (L) helps newly hired Director of Student Life Equan Burrows get up to speed at MATC.

From birth to age 3, Equan Burrows lived in the Bahamas with his aunt, due to health problems. Upon being reunited with his mother in Tampa, Florida, she had him engaged in various activities such as karate, taekwondo and Boy Scouts. Through the Boy Scouts STARS program (Students Taking an Active Role in Society) he was able to land his first job at the Barnett Law Group in Tampa. 

From his position as troop leader heading his cohorts to national competitions to his work as Tallahassee Community College’s (TCC) Eagles Adventures coordinator, he has been able to relate all parts of his life to what he loves to do and that is helping students. 

Burrows explained, “My mantra in life is to know ‘who I am, where I am and where I am going.’” Education is an integral part of his mom’s life, so she paved the way for her son to make it part of his also. To this day the contract Burrows made with his mom to obtain his doctoral degree hangs on the fridge as a constant reminder of his goals.

Burrows has been employed in many facets at different places, all with the same goal to be achieved, and that is making sure that students have what they need to succeed on their college journey, as the CARE program at Florida State did for him. He majored in Criminology at Florida State University.

Burrows implemented a program to get students interested in and eventually succeeding at the college and university levels.

His other interests include sky diving, being a certified scuba instructor and equestrian, fishing, rock climbing and playing bass guitar (for his church and in his own band.) He uses these experiences to open doors for himself and others. “Being able to relate to others is what starts the making of connections among people,” said Burrows. 

Through the many jobs Burrows has held the one as TCC’s coordinator for the Fostering Achievement Fellowship is one he is most proud of, because some of those students have told Burrows they look at him as a father figure, which only reassures him that he is on the right path and doing the job he is meant to do.

Burrows said, “My desire has turned into my passion and my passion has become my life’s work, and as the old saying goes ‘If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.’” This is expressed in the way he smiles and the positive energy that he passes along to everyone. 

Burrows wants students to know that he is their staunchest advocate on the road to success, not just in school but in life also.