Deadlines for Free Tuition Programs are Closer Than you Think

The College’s Promise Program Pays for up to 75 Credits for Eligible Students

One of the keys to being considered for grants, loans, and scholarships is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better know as FAFSA. This is also true of both the High School and Adult Promise. There are two separate deadlines for each program:

  • Final Deadline for Adult Promise: Jan. 8, 2020
  • Deadline for New High School Graduates: Feb. 7, 2020

MATC has been actively work-ing with the community to help explain the importance of completing the FAFSA as early as possible. Last month the school hosted a M3 (M-cubed) event, its partnership with Milwaukee Pub-lic Schools and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where area guidance counselors were able to discuss and learn more about the opportunities

“So many students might completely dismiss the thought of go-ing to college because they think here is no way with my family’s income, I can even think about it,” said Laura Bray, vice president of College Advancement and External Communications. But whether you spend two years in college or take some classes for credit, it gets you closer to that ability to both have that degree and some skills necessary for jobs that could make a huge difference.”

It appears that this strategy is working. According to MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith Posey, since the program began in 2016 the FAFSA completion rate was 49.9%. The completion rate has since grown to an astonishing 73.4%. “We are setting our goals even higher for the high school graduating class of 2020,” he said. “We are working on getting an 80% FAFSA completion rate, many of these students are expected to attend MATC and UWM and I believe we will achieve this goal.”

It was also announced that for the first time Promise for high school student can start their college education early by register-ing for classes during the summer of 2020.