Are you ready for 2020?

Times Opinion Editor ends the year with making goals for the new year

The year 2019 will officially mark the end of another decade, but it also means a new decade is around the corner. A New Year brings new goals for everyone. You may want to exercise more, read more or spend more time with your family and friends. I’m sure everyone has their personal goals and their plans to achieve, I wanted to share what my personal top two goals are for the year, and how I plan to achieve them.

1. Learn how to be more patient.

I often feel as if I’m impatient when it comes to situations in my life; school, friendships, relationships, career choices etc. As human beings we want to be happy,
and we want to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves, but things like stress and society can cause us to overwork ourselves, and as humans we sometimes fall
victim to our own visions. It’s normal to want to hit the finish line from the start, but you have to be prepared for the setbacks that may occur.

I learned being more patient allowed me to build better relationships with the people I came in contact with this year. You take the time to know someone and the trust for one another starts to begin. One person’s trauma can be another person’s therapist, you never know. People may not open up to you on the first day, but imagine the relationships and connections you could make in the process.

2. Give myself more self-love.

Everyone’s definition of self-love is going to be different, but in this instance I mean to make sure I do whatever it takes to make me happy. I learned this year I was able to accomplish more by simply speaking more positive words in existence. For some it may mean traveling more, taking yourself out for dinner once a week to celebrate how hard you’ve worked all week, or you’ve finally decided to journal how you feel about your day. I wanted to build my craft and allow my creative side to get stronger; I made sure I read enough books, I studied more videos and how they were produced, I wrote more, and I’ve come a long way since I started school in 2017, the bottom line is; self-love is the best love. It’s something I feel like my generation doesn’t do enough, but the outcome of doing such a
simple change is something I believe everyone should try to do. Everyone deserves to be happy.

What are your top two goals for the New Year? Think about them, plan them out, say you are going to achieve them and work hard. I think your New Year can be even more powerful than you think.