Perspectives – Do you make goals?


Photo by Emma Turk

According to “Goals” author Brian Tracy, people with clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine. We recently spoke with individuals in the MATC community to ascertain if they are considering making goals for the new year and how they intend to accomplish their goals.

Photo by unknown
“My goal for 2020 is to graduate. I’m going to
accomplish things by staying focused on putting in
the work to get it done. I also plan to work hard
at my business and also focus on promoting my
business, MKE Dread Stylist. I’m a dreads stylist.
I do dreadlock and French braids hairstyles. I’m
going to promote myself and my business daily by
getting new business cards made and circulating
them to people who are interested in having their
hair styled.”
– Tamia
Liberal Arts
Mina Jankins
“This was my first semester back to school
after two years, so, for me, just succeeding in
the classes I have for this upcoming semester
so I can petition into my program and hopefully
move forward into the area I want to go into. I
have a lot of support from my family and friends.
Outside of school my goal is to continue to do well
at work. I’m a manager at Who’s on Third, so it
has been an enjoyable experience and I want that
to continue.”
– Mina Jankins
Physical Therapy Assistant
Photo by unknown
“I have a lot of goals for 2020, but my primary
goals are to self-publish my book and to start a
publishing company. It is a goal that I have been
working towards for the past two years. There
are a lot of writers in Milwaukee and I think that
they don’t have anywhere to go with their work. I
think if something was started for creative writers
in Milwaukee it would be great. Other cities like
Nashville, Tampa, even Chicago have created
cumulative writing group. Here in Milwaukee
we have a lot of little different factions but no
centralized one My goal would be to create a hub
for people. To start this, I would create a website
and create a social media presence. I would also
volunteer at local events and festivals and perhaps
sponsor events as well.
– Eric Sprecher
MATC Catering
Photo by unknown
“My goals for 2020 encompass a few things. I’m
currently working on my Doctorate in higher
education. I really want to dedicate the time and
energy to finish over the next year. I recently spoke
with my advisor and I’m almost done, which is very
exciting for me. School is very important, so me
finishing this last degree is a huge milestone that
I cannot wait to achieve. I take the advice that
I give to students here at MATC, which is to set
aside time to not only study but also to reflect on
the material I just finished studying.
Self-care is another goal I want to accomplish in
the upcoming year. Primarily setting aside time
just for me, which also includes taking care of
family. The majority of my family is in the Bahamas,
(I’m the first natural born American in my family).
My mother is in Tampa, Florida. I also have three
nephews and a brother, so it is very important for
me to manage my time and create balance so I can
spend time with them. I plan to accomplish that by
making sure my personal and business calendars
don’t overlap. This will be achieved by using a new
program that will integrate both.”
– Equan Burrows
Director of Student Life