Local candidates nearing the finish line

Assembly District 8 votes for a new leader

*Updated 11/4/2020

Angel Sanchez and Sylvia Ortiz-Velez are competing for the Assembly seat in Wisconsin District 8.  Both are products of local public schooling, both are striving to help improve the living conditions the district’s constituents, and both are fiercely proud of their Latin heritage.  However, that is where the similarities end.

Ortiz-Velez was born and raised on Milwaukee’s southside. She is a product of Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee Area Technical College and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she received her bachelor’s in political science. She is a widow and currently the County Executive Supervisor for the 12th District. Ortiz-Velez sits on committees throughout the city including, Public Transit and Milwaukee County Parks.

The Democrat has been running on kitchen table issues including, housing, potholes, education, homelessness, and opioid abuse. According to Ortiz-Velez, opioid use has greatly impacted the district. “It a problem in the community, so much so, that 72% of death in district 8, are due from overdoses,” she said.

She is also concerned with the gap between public safety and the community.  “I hope to bridge the gap by requiring transparency and accountability from public safety. I believe public safety does not need to be defunded, rather, there should be more trainings and mental health screenings, “she said.

Located on the near southside of Milwaukee, district 8 has a big Latinx population and influence. Ortiz-Velez believes there are people unable to vote, but says she represents voters and non-voters.  “Vote for someone who knows the issues and knows what needs to be done and who will work hard for you,” she said.

Sanchez, a Republican and Wisconsin native for over 40 years. The former Alderman is a leader in the community and a staunch advocate of law and order. He believes it all starts with the community.  “People should know it’s important to follow the law.” Said Sanchez.  “People need to get more involved with their communities, they need to learn the things they don’t know.” He said.

One-way Sanchez hopes to build a stronger community is by raising revenue through marijuana legalization.  In his final message to Milwaukee before in-person voting starts, his message was made clear.

“With all the skyrocketing crime, does it seem to make sense to demote a police Chief for doing his job, for our Mayor to propose cutting 120 police officer positions?” he said.

“While COVID-19 is to be taken seriously, there is a stronger likelihood that you will be hit by a stray bullet or a reckless driver in the inner city of Milwaukee.  Families deserve safe neighborhoods, great schools, and a thriving economy.  Do you want your children to be a part of the American Dream?  To get educated, married, have children, and be a homeowner?   Vote for what’s right for your family!  We are against defunding the Police!  School Choice gives you the opportunity to send your children to the best schools!  We are for liberty and freedom for everyone! It is time we take back our communities and get back to family values.  The choice is yours!  We can do this together, “added Sanchez.


*District 8

27 of 27 precincts – 100 percent

x-Sylvia Ortiz-Velez, Dem 8,914 – 79 percent

Angel Sanchez, GOP 2,375 – 21 percent




Video Courtesy of:  Wiseye.org