Hispanic Heritage Month will feature celebrations at each campus locations

The month-long observance begins September 15

Preparing for Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, was no easy task for the college’s student organization, Latinx Unidos. 

Felipe Beltran Velazquez, president of the organization, and Nubia Arenas Villabona, vice president, work extensively to provide a month-long celebration for hundreds of local Hispanic families.

“We will have a bit of everything like cultural activities, movies that tell stories about some Latino American countries, talks from people of the community and outside the community that are relevant for the people like students and DACA lawyers,” explains Arenas. “Hispanic Heritage Month is about celebrating who we are and our culture. We celebrate where we come from and, most importantly, us,” said Arenas. 

People all over Milwaukee celebrate their roots by making national dishes, wearing their traditional clothes, singing Latinx songs, and showing off their flags. Locals can also expect to see beautifully colored decorated streets with Hispanic colors and melodies from different genres of Latinx music. 

Events hosted by Latinx Unidos will take place over the next four weeks at each campus location. “We will have some activities on every single campus too, like dancing lessons. We are doing this to allow the students to be part of it,” said Arenas. 

More information is available on events taking place during Hispanic Heritage Month at the college’s  websites:

MATC Calendar of events:  Calendar of Events

Students looking for more information about Latinx Unidos can contact the organization at Campus Labs: LU

Or via email at [email protected]