Ferguson now; how do we feel?


What took place in racially tense Ferguson, Mo., has sent out rippling waves of concerns across our nation, waves that seem to be tsunami in size, and nonstop. The cut down of Mike Brown opened the eyes of our country to an ongoing problem of cultural division and profiling. One after the other, cases continues to pour in involving officers and questionable deaths regarding blacks, male and female, of all ages. The current set of peculiar events that surround the town is the mysterious shooting of two police officers that took place on March 12.
Some people are concerned with police brutality and some are worried about possible martial law conditions said to be initiated by anonymous, elite parties. Big voices, such as Jesse Ventura, firmly believe that there is a master plan, a deeper issue of Big Brother watching everyone at all times in play. He is fearful that our First Amendment is at stake and Ferguson is the perfect place to begin with blacks as an in. You can see his full opinion on YouTube in the video titled “Police Brutality/Jesse Ventura Off The Grid – Ora TV.”
Many people feel an impartial mix of opinions about minority injustices surrounding the events in Ferguson and beyond. I had the opportunity to capture the thoughts of six racially diverse MATC students. Here’s what they wanted to contribute: spec vang spec vnuk spec howard spec hall spec garcia