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Teresa Rae Butler

Teresa Rae Butler, Times Scene Editor

There is a certain capturing of the heart and mind that happens to people who love their school and love their school newspaper. I am one such person. I have been with this paper as a staff reporter since 2009, and now that I have the endearing honor and privilege as the Downtown Campus Editor, I find myself in the midst of an experience that I am certain that I will truly miss, and appreciate added to my resume. The kinds of articles we produce are always informative to our community, but also well rounded in production, which frequently lands us into award winning layouts. We are always working to out do the last edition, and I love to do my part. I have gotten the opportunity to work with some wonderful staff and go to some extravagant journalism events to represent the orange, royal blue and star logo that is the MATC TIMES. To work under the supervision of the legendary, Bob Hanson has been a journey most respected, treasured and valued in sharpening my skills as a reporter, editor and even a photographer. You can’t get any better. The meetings alone are always a lot of fun and we cover topics that are important and relevant to the campus. When I’m not doing things for my school, I can be found walking the beautiful city of Milwaukee Wisconsin engaging in some kind of opportunity either in nature, the arts or film.

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Teresa Rae Butler