Oak Creek Campus sees red


Photo by Jose Dehoyos

Instructor Doug Braun gives the gift of blood at the second annual blood drive at the Oak Creek Campus.

In conjunction with the Milwaukee Blood Center of Wisconsin, students from the Criminal Justice Student Organization (CJSO) and Fire Student Organization (FSO) held their second annual blood drive on Feb. 15, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Doug Braun, instructor of Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement, was on hand to help those who were interested in giving the gift of blood. Braun donated blood himself. He mentioned that they did quite well last year when about 30 people came out in support of the event. This year he was hoping to surpass that figure.

There were many volunteers from the CJSO and FSO who contributed to the event. First-year student in the Criminal Justice program, Matthew Edwards, helped to guide donors through the procedures of giving blood. Braun’s team consisted of the following volunteers: Neenah Velazquez, Audrey Moritz, Liz Williams, Patrick Dziekan and Dustin Espinoza, all from the Criminal Justice program.

Mark Lyman, Dalton Brandt and Francis Longtin-Plante, all members of the FSO, were on hand to help with the setup and cleanup of the event. Thomas Plevac, Fire Technician program coordinator/instructional chair, stated, “Sixty people came to donate blood, and around 40 were screened eligible to donate.” The joint effort of the FSO and CJSO included organizing the event as well as encouraging students to register with the Milwaukee Blood Center of Wisconsin. For more information about donating blood go to www. bcw.edu.