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Hands For Hope, Together We Win – raising awareness for cancer

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On Oct.11, the Mequon campus hosted their cancer awareness event: Hands For Hope, Together We Win. The MATC student government’s goal was to raise awareness for all types of cancers and get their peers involved. While raising awareness for cancer the student government also aimed to recruit new members.

Popcorn was sold for $1 and student government encouraged students to make donations. Cupcakes, punch and a few activities also were available. Anyone who was interested could place a pre-made handprint on the corkboard located by the cafeteria entrance.

“This event is all about raising awareness for cancer. Each handprint has certain colors. Each color represents a different cancer, just as pink represents breast cancer,” explained Deshaunna Parker-Goode, a liberal arts student. Temporary tattoos and stamps were also provided for students to represent that they support finding cures. 

The student government took pride in this event. “By hosting this event, the student government is trying to get other students involved. We are the voice of the students and it’s a great feeling knowing that our voices are spreading a good message. All of the money goes to the American Cancer Association. All of the proceeds are guaranteed to go to a good cause,” stated James Standberry, nursing student and vice president of student government.

Each year, the student government representatives at the Mequon campus plan to raise awareness for cancer and hope that, with each year, there will be more students willing to participate. More students equals more awareness and brings researchers closer to finding cures.

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Hands For Hope, Together We Win – raising awareness for cancer