Your voice is an awesome study tool



For example, if you read a textbook and nothing seems to stick … well, that is understandable. Very few people remember what they only read, if it is not in story format. This is one of the reasons textbooks are available as audiobooks from online stores like iTunes and Amazon.

But, if you have already bought the paper version of the textbook, don’t despair. Try reading the textbook out loud. It sounds simple, but hearing the text will actually help you remember more than reading silently – you are using two senses to absorb the information.

If you never took a typing or keyboarding class, you may still hunt and peck while typing up a paper. It’s a struggle you can avoid, thanks to voice-recognition software. If you have a modern smartphone, you have voice-recognition software. You may have used it to text people hands-free or to ask Google a question, but you can also use it to dictate a paper in Google Docs. You may have to “train” the software to recognize the way you speak, especially if you have an accent or you like to mumble, but it will learn. Once you create a Google Doc, it is available in the Google Drive for you to edit on any device with internet access. Oh, and Wi-Fi is free on campus, so you can avoid using your data plan.

Put that voice of yours to work for you!

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