You are your own boss in college

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Adulting is hard. There are bills to pay, children to raise, bosses to please, parents to assist.
Oh, and college to attend.
College, you now know, isn’t like high school. In high school, teachers told you what to do – and where, when, why and how to do it. You were a kid, so teachers mixed teaching with, well, parenting.
You spent roughly 35 hours – almost a full-time job – in school, if you showed up. Maybe you only went when Grandma guilted you. Perhaps you did little to no homework. Surely, you hated that every adult told you what to do.
In college, instructors tell you what you should do. It is up to you, entirely, whether you show up to work. You are an adult, after all. In fact, in college, you are your own boss.
You spend about one hour in class per credit. If you take a full course load – 12+ credits – you spend 12+ hours a week in class. Easy-peasy part-time gig, right?
But instructors know you should study two hours for every hour of class. A student taking 12 credits should study 24 hours outside class. That’s 36 hours of learning – almost a full-time job.
That’s what college is: a “job” – an investment, really – that doesn’t pay out until you finally land your dream job because you. got. that. degree.
You know what happens when you don’t show up to work your actual job … but what happens when you don’t show up to work in college?
You decide. Time to adult.

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