Michael Pink wows crowds with rendition of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Michael Pink has been known for creating and choreographing beautiful retellings of classic fairy tales such as “Peter Pan,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Snow White.” He pleased audiences with his new retelling of “Beauty and the Beast.” The ballet was performed April 12-15 at the Marcus Center.

He follows the original French tale more than the Disney classic, but changes the plot. Instead of just being turned into a beast, better yet, he is strangled by rose vines that grow stronger until he finally finds his true love.

The main characters, Belle (Annia Hidalgo), Beast (Patrick Howell), The Prince (Timothy O’ Donnell), Maurice (Davit Hovhannisyan) and The Enchantress (Lizzie Tripp), were magnificent and moving with a grand and lively company. Their dancing was graceful and powerful. The music had elements of the original score with the creativity of composer Philip Feeney’s original work. The fantastic collaboration of the cast, crew and staff was phenomenal.

“Beauty and the Beast” was a family event that should not be missed.
Audiences cannot wait for what Michael Pink and the Milwaukee Ballet will create next.