Women’s volleyball dominates Malcolm X


Photo by Shane W. Potter

Lezar’Rhea Burnside (1) jumps to block a shot from an Malcolm X player

Team sports can bring a sense of community and help create lasting relationships with people you have common interests with.
These bonds were very apparent when our MATC women’s volleyball team played against the women from Malcolm X College on Oct. 9 at Alverno College.
Each team had an intense warm up before the game that seemed to put them in the right mindset for a good, clean competition.
They seemed pretty well matched at first, but during each set it became more and more clear that our ladies were on top of their game that night. The score would steadily be pretty close, but Stormers pulled ahead every time.
Stormer Zoë Jordan, who’s been playing volleyball since middle school, commented about the game, “I was a little anxious at first, due to the excitement and adrenaline of a game yet to be played, but once I got out on the court I felt more confident.”
“If we could beat them once, we could beat them again,” Jordan said about the Malcolm X team, which the Stormers beat back on Sept. 11.
After the game Jordan and the rest of the team agreed they felt good about the win, but they “knew they could’ve done better.”
The ending scores from the three sets were 25-18, 25-13, then again 25-18, all sets in MATC’s favor, an incredible match that our team and school can be proud of. So celebrate a little and work hard until your next game Stormers – you deserve it!