Michael Myers and Laurie Strode still going after 40 years

The brand is what’s going to draw the audience to this slasher film. Even if you scare easily I think this film would be right up your alley, because it’s not scary in the traditional sense.
Michael Myers is still up to his antics of killing everything that moves, but the story between him and Laurie Strode is set at a new angle in this film.
Of course the predictability is there but there are some things you won’t be prepared for, like how funny the child actor Jibrail Nantambu is playing Julian. Although he only has a few lines he will have you laughing with each one.
The next surprise is the doctor who took over the care of Michael after the death of Dr. Loomis. He brings an unexpected twist to the show, which works out well in showing how a mind can become twisted.
My only criticism of the film is that in this movie Laurie has a daughter and not the son (John Tate) that we were introduced to in Halloween H20.
My overall mood is one of satisfaction after having seen the movie
Even though you could just about guess what was coming next, this film will leave you feeling that you have watched an original version because of the way the story plays out in the end.