Leading With Shanice Featuring Shanice Hemphill

Setting Standards That Lead to Personal Growth



Not everyone considers themselves a leader. However, we are all leading someone somewhere, be it good or bad. The title leader doesn’t only apply to the president, teacher, manager, etc. It also applies to every mother, brother, sister, father, son, student, etc. That’s you and I. There are many leaders in this world. Many will make decisions that will negatively impact their families, communities and the world. Personal development is required of everyone who is desiring to lead in any field of work. The résumé we give to potential employers only gives the history of where we’ve been. It doesn’t tell them anything about our character. Neither does it tell, whether or not we’ve grown as a person. Over a period of time, they’ll get to know who we are. Our character, special abilities, and skills.

Great leaders respect themselves to a degree that makes others reciprocate that respect. The respectfulness of their conversation. The cordialness of their persona when they walk into the room. Becoming a better person, aka LEADER, requires each of us to set higher standards for ourselves. Great leaders have spent a lot of time working on their own personal development and will continue to do so throughout their life.

I remember watching a snippet of an old movie, where this man gets out of jail and he has on this gigantic yellow hat lined in zebra print, and a yellow outfit with a cape to match. He even had platform shoes with goldfish in them. When he stepped out of the prison doors with that costume (outfit) people laughed him to shame. He went to jail in the ’70s and was released in the ’80s. What he was wearing was out of style and made him look like a clown. This man probably spent years in prison reminiscing over the things he did when he was a free man (the past). He never looked toward the future. The problem is – he never matured. His mindset never changed. He probably thought he could pick up where he left off. You will stay stuck if you are looking for your future in the past.

When we constantly look back at the past, we can’t see the future. We put ourselves in mental prisons when we refuse to grow. When we refuse to change for the better. We standby and watch everyone else evolve and we say, “WOW!” “I wish I could do that.” “How did he/she do that?” They decided to GROW. They committed to the process. They worked hard. They gave up their excuses. They stopped procrastinating. They did it afraid.

What’s the one thing you need to work on but you just keep putting it off?

Quote: “Reach for the top, the bottom is overcrowded.”

-Jerome Liberty