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Career Corner Question: Once I’m offered a job, what questions should I ask before accepting it?

This graphic is from CareerHub.
This graphic is from CareerHub.

It’s job-hunting season and you’re looking for the opportunity. Your resume is up to date, thanks to a revision from your friends at the CareerHub, and it is time to revamp the Handshake profile and set things in motion.

You visit MATC’s Handshake Career Center, browse through the Curated Employers page, and find wonderful companies’ suggestions where the opportunity shows up.

Your application and interview process comes and goes. The phone buzzes and an email notification pops up. You have 48 hours or over the weekend to accept, consider, negotiate or decline the job offer.

Before accepting the job offer, please ask additional questions that will allow you to confirm if the position meets your professional goals and expectations.

Below, you will find a series of examples of questions to ask about the company culture, team, role, salary and benefits, and growth opportunities and advancement.

Company Culture

  • What do you like most about working here?
  • What unique perks does the company offer?
  • What is the relationship like between employees and upper management?
  • How does the company prioritize work-life balance?


  • How do people give each other feedback on this team
  • How frequently is feedback given and received on your team?
  • What does autonomy look like for individual team members?
  • How is work delegated?
  • What words describe this team at its best?


  • What would success look like for this specific role?
  • How is success in this role measured?
  • What responsibilities are my focus for the first three months/90 days of this role?
  • What are the major rewards of this position, aside from money, fringe benefits, or travel?

Salary and Benefits

  • How much of the cost of benefits does the company cover?
  • Do you offer any retirement program benefits?
  • What are your vacation and sick leave policies?
  • What does the benefits package include?
  • When would I be eligible to receive benefits?

Growth and Advancement Opportunities

  • What would career growth look like on this team?
  • What advancement opportunities exist for someone in this role?
  • Does the company provide resources for continuing education?
  • How does a person progress in your field? What is a typical career path in this field of organization?

For further guidance to discuss salary and labor market information, visit the CareerHub and meet with an Employment Development Specialist! We are here for you!


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