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Career symposium prepares students for future

by JoAhne Penney, Times Mequon Campus Editor

December 8, 2014

A $2.1 million grant from the Department of Labor to develop, improve and expand adult education in the very lucrative information technology occupations has MATC training students to get “living wage” jobs or start businesses. Four certificate programs are now available that provide immediate entrance...

LinkedIn expert shares tips for getting the gig

Former students and IT professionals spoke on a panel about the IT program and future opportunities on Nov. 5 at the Downtown Campus.

by Dawn Scott, Times Staff Reporter

December 8, 2014

On Nov. 5, students in the information technology (IT) programs at MATC, as well as those seeking employment in the field, attended a seminar given by the CEO of Power Formula and author of “The Power Formula for LinkedIn,” Wayne Breitbarth. Students were given the opportunity to have their résumés...

Phoenix annual reading keeps it short and sweet

by Michelle Ferrell, Times Features Editor

December 8, 2014

“A short story is something glimpsed from the corner of the eye,” said British short-story writer V.S. Pritchett. This quote seemed to be the theme of the Nov. 7 release of MATC’s literary and art magazine, the Phoenix. Hosted by faculty advisor Jason Kolodzyk in the 6th Street Cafe, the releas...

Murder mystery dinner full of costumes and intrigue

Prime suspects Rebecca Lechmaier and Theresa D'Amato in the murder of magician

by Kerry Lynch, Times Staff Reporter/Photographer

December 8, 2014

Great Scott!  He’s dead!  And, the Great Scott magician was indeed dead, dropped over like a lead weight in the middle of his act.  The list of suspects was long at the MATC Mystery Dinner at Klemmer’s on Friday, Oct. 31. The event was sponsored by the MATC Student Government.  And, fittingly...

OK Go brings unique brand of fun to Turner Hall

Bassist Tim Nordwind from Ok Go gets the crowd going at a recent concert at Turner Hall Ballroom. Nordwind was inspired by his grandfather.

by Crystal Montgomery, Times Staff Reporter

November 14, 2014

OK Go started in Chicago in 1998 as a quartet. They moved to Los Angeles three years later and have since transformed into the wonderful, well-known band they are today. Some of their songs like “Writing on the Wall” and “Turn up the Radio” were inspired by the troubles and issues that helped...

Oak Creek tour offers intro to future

Jeff Ellingson, from local company Hypertherm, participates in the Heavy Metal event.

by Clarissa Friday, Times Staff Reporter/Photographer

November 14, 2014

When a person hears “heavy metal tour,” the first words they might think of are rock band, but in this case Heavy Metal Tour is a program that started three years ago at MATC’s Oak Creek campus. For those past three years, high school students from the surrounding area have been able to tour the...

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