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“Pay Now, Play Later” these words were the ones my mother spoke to me when she would find me goofing off the night before a test or before any major school event and now these words motivate my academic and professional life. I've been a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College since the age of 17.  Since that first semester I’ve been working hard towards a not so simple goal: graduate, move onto a University, and start a career.  The more difficult side to that goal wasn’t just the schoolwork, it was finding the perfect career for me once I graduated. I spent years taking general education courses to make attending a university easier but had little luck finding the career path for me.  Eventually I started to slow down and my work suffered from it until a fateful day where I met Bob Hanson, advisor of the MATC Times. Since that day I’ve written for and continue to write for the MATC Times. Now I act as the Times Downtown Campus editor. Despite the sudden adjustment to the life of a college journalist my time as a writer dates further back than just college.

While in Middle school I got into trouble for my writing grade. To help with my writing skills my mom had me write something for her every night for a month. At the start I was nervous and couldn’t imagine writing that much for a month. By the Time the month had ended however I’d written a star wars themed story about a stormtrooper lost in space. After that my creative writing went to poetry and I managed to publish a few for my middleschool to use in the yearbook. My next “big story” was in Highschool when I wrote a six page fantasy story for my writing class. Over the years my writing style has fluctuated but now it has room to blossom thanks to my role at the MATC Times.  At the Moment I’m writing two comics and a “slice of life” drama with a friend from high school. Hopefully we’ll be able to publish something soon but until then I intend on writing as a journalist and sharing my news stories through the Times.

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