Get to know math – it’s a good friend to have



Math has an image problem: People believe it’s big, ugly and mean. Try thinking of Math as an intimidating neighbor, a grease-stained bearded mechanic who scares dogs into silence with a glance but kindly gives you a jump when your car battery dies.

Math, like your neighbor, is part of your life. The more you get to know it, the more you’ll get it.

You already use Math every day. Money is the obvious example. When you use a $20 bill to buy two sodas and a bag of chips, you know you have change coming. You know because you totaled* the prices and subtracted* from $20 – that’s Math!

You may not know the exact change, preferring to round* prices and let the cash register do actual calculations.* But you correctly estimated* – yep, Math.

When you cook using measuring spoons or cups, you are using fractions.* You know, even if you don’t realize you know, that 1/4 cup is less than 1 cup – Math!

The same goes for the wrenches you and your neighbor use to repair your car. You know, without realizing it, that a 7/8 inch wrench is larger than* a 1/4 inch. You observe* it.

A mind-bender: If you ride the bus to work and show up on time, you have solved* a Math word problem.*

Don’t sweat it, though, if Math still intimidates you. Math tutoring is by far the most requested. We’ll work with you and Math until you’re comfortable being alone together.

*official Math terms