Always noble brothers, 60 years strong


Photo by Kerry Lynch

Gail Eichenseer (L), James Eichenseer, Richard Lussier and Kay Lussier reminisced about their time at MATC.

September 29 marked the night for the ANB (Alpha Nu Beta) Fraternity of the then Milwaukee Institute of Technology. They were granted their charter in 1958 from School Director Dr. Parkinson.
From then it set the stage for life-long friendships and some marriages that are still going strong.

Photo by Kerry Lynch
Barbara Kaiser (L), Ruthann Swinksy and Don Kaiser gather by a display of old photos.

This fraternity has had about 300 members join their ranks. The evening was filled with laughter and remembering the good old days.
During the cocktail hour as the members and their wives filled the hall, they mingled and caught up with those they haven’t seen in a while. “When the guys get together, they have a certain twinkle in their eyes upon seeing one another,” stated Carlyon Muryn, wife of Jack Muryn, a pledge from 1964.
Marc Eernisse, another pledge of 1964, started the dinner hour with reading a letter dedicated to a fallen brother who lost his life in the Vietnam War, which was published in the monthly newsletter, “Pen & Sword.” Eernisse also did the invocation for the evening.
Several members recalled their stories of life when they were at school. One of the gentlemen was Toten Comas, a pledge from 1963, who came from Malaga, Spain to be a part of the festivities. “On St. Patrick’s Day the city had a massive snowstorm and classes were cancelled. Instead of going home I and a couple of other brothers, those who made it to school, decided to have a party. So, we went to our headquarters on 28th and Wisconsin Ave. to get things setup,” Comas said. “You wouldn’t believe how many people showed up to the party even though the city was on lockdown because of the storm. Ever since that first party, St. Patrick’s Day was made an institution to get together and have a good time.” Although Comas lives in Spain he stills celebrates the 17th of March. Comas was not the only traveler of the evening; other members came in from all across the states. Pledge of 1967 Tom Schmidt, who hales from Sinissippi, Wisconsin, explained, “The ANB was responsible for bringing dances to the gym; The Follies, which were plays put on by the students; and the coronation balls.”

Photo by Kerry Lynch
Al and Bobbie Rozas pose on the historic stairs as the hosts and organizers of the 60th-year reunion.

To bring things back full circle the balls were held at The Astor Hotel, which is where the 60thanniversary reunion was held. The members in attendance all had the same sentiments as Keith Pamperin, a pledge from 1964, which is “Being apart of Alpha Nu Beta taught me leadership and relationship building skills. I am proud of the longtime friendships that I have gained from my time as a member of ANB.”
“There is a psychological concept that when people go through suffering, they appreciate what they have. One of the things all the men of this frat have in common is that they went through Hell Week and that is one of the reasons these relationships have lasted over the last six decades,” said Steve Koller, who pledged in 1966. Studies have shown that the participation in school clubs and organizations enhances the college experience and builds relationships. This reunion is proof of these findings.

Photo by Kerry Lynch
Attendees at the Alpha Nu Beta Reunion.
Photo by Kerry Lynch
Toten Comas (L) listens as Ellen Bohmann and Grace Eernisse pitch raffle ticket sales.