‘Kingsman’ is a flashy and violent thrill ride


Photo by Tribune News Service

Jack and Gary London from the graphic novel become Harry Hart (Colin Firth, left) and Gary Unwin (Taaron Egerton) in the movie. (Jaap Buitendijk/Twentieth Century Fox Film)

Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and Mark Strong all come together in this action-filled comedy to stop the evil Samuel L. Jackson. The first couple of scenes show four men in a room with a terrorist. They are asking questions and the guy is telling them nothing. Then suddenly a guy jumps on a guy who has a bomb strapped to him to save the others’ lives. This man was later revealed to be young Gary “Eggsy” Unwin’s (Egerton) father. Harry Hart (Firth) gives the child a small necklace and tells him if he needs anything, to call the number on the back and say the secret code.
Years later you see the child all grown up. He is a very troubled teenager who hates his mom’s boyfriend and starts fights with other kids in a bar. While he is fighting with another boy and a group of his friends, Valentine (Jackson), a rapper and a humanitarian, is creating free chips for phones. His purpose is to get rid of everyone to remove the viruses from the world. He has talked to many high powers: kings, queens and even Barack Obama.
Harry finds Eggsy and helps him train to become a great secret service member after one of them dies because of Valentine. Multiple students, candidates of the other Kingsmen, go to a boot camp-like training area to be tested and eliminated for the position. Many heart-racing moments come from these scenes. There are a lot of hard tests and tests of courage. They learn a lot, like how much team- work means to everyone and how thinking about oneself shouldn’t be the top priority.
In this action-packed film, there is a lot of violence. Just like any action movie, there are punches, shootings, stabbings and a lot more violence. The violence makes the movie, however. A kid that loves action movies wants to see the good guy kill the bad guy.
The good thing about the movie is that there is not a lot of blood. You see a brief splash of blood once they are shot or stabbed, then you don’t see anything. It makes the viewers more accepting of the violence. Even when the heads explode, all you see is bright orange and purple explode in the sky like fireworks. It is actually quite entertaining.
Besides the violence and the swearing, it was a pretty good film. A person watching this could learn a lot of British slang and swear words. The movie is based in England so it makes sense. Sometimes a person won’t get what they are talking about and later get it as they use the word again in a different sentence.
“The Kingsman: The Secret Service” is a very action-packed movie with a lot of funny moments. It also has very sad moments that make the viewers want to cry or make their hearts hurt.
It is a great mixture of all three. Watch as Merlin (Strong) and Eggsy try and stop Valentine. Will they do it? Watch the movie, or read the comic book to find out!