Wilde Belle tolls for Turner Hall

On Oct. 12, Milwaukee’s own, Canopies, with their synthesizing, electric, busy bustle opened up for the wild, wild sounds of the Wild Belle at Turner Hall.

Wild Belle is known for their Afro-beat, reggae, and jazzy-saxy tantalizing tunes like: “It’s Too Late,” “Happy Home” and “Another Girl.” With Super-star style, the sister and brother duo combine musical powers that grind out heart and soul lyrics, haunting hooks and the sometimes island indie rhythm that makes their bluesy-doo-whops so unique. Natalie (Belle) Bergman cooed smooth deliveries with the raspy, mellowed out voice she is now famous for, while her brother, Elliot, comes correct on keyboard and occasional saxophone.

Wild Belle brought down the house by way of boastful ballads such as, “Love Like This,” and the edgy feel of, “Throw Down Your Guns.” They were especially equipped to marvel listeners with their Major Lazer collaboration song called, “Be Together,” then wound down the remainder of the show with “Keep You.” Almost satisfied, and knowing a good thing when they saw it, the Turner Hall audience called and clapped for an encore performance of “Shine,” a fresh-in-love melody about a new guy who puts the shine in the sun and takes the gloom off the residue of the ex.