‘Within the Child’s Core’ overcomes the past


Janiece Corevine, a pen name of a student at MATC in the Medical Administrative Assistant program, grew up in a troubled home. From a small age, she suffered abuse.

Corevine explained, “I was in therapy dealing with a lot from my past so my therapist told me, ‘why don’t you put your worlds on paper because it means more to you.’” She started writing and didn’t stop. After 80 pages, she decided to write a book.

Corevine clarified the book is about “growing up in dysfunction, domestic violence. There was sexual abuse, molestation, pedophilia, corporal abuse, mental/psychological abuse.” She continued, “I am a survivor of all those. It saddens me to say that, but it empowers me too because I survived it.”

She faced obstacles along the way, taking breaks when needed. “To be honest, it’s the pain of having to write it, to see it on paper and to have to go through all those memories. It was like it was happening to me literally. I could smell everything. I could feel the pain. I could feel the touching of my pedophile so that was the hardest part for me, being able to get past those scenes in my life.”

Corevine overcame her obstacles through therapy. “I have been in therapy for at least I’d say almost 35 years of my life.” She didn’t believe her therapist when she told Corevine she would heal. Corevine said, “All this stuff is not going to go away, but it does.”

“People don’t want to feel their pain. As long as they don’t have to cry and feel it, they think they’re OK. But what they’re doing is just keeping it in and the more you push it in, the worse you become. People are always like oh, I don’t want to talk about it because it hurts too much. That’s why you should talk about it because it’s going to hurt less,” Corevine explained.

Corevine’s advice for students is to forgive. “My number one thing I have to say is forgiveness. You have to ask for forgiveness for your pain to know that you’re not the cause of your pain.”

She continued, “If you can find power within to heal the core, whatever beliefs you may have, you just keep making sure you keep asking for strength to be able to take that pain from your soul, so it no longer hurts you when you think about it.”

Corevine said that’s what she did. She forgave. “It took me many years because I didn’t believe in forgiveness. I thought I’m going to hate my parents the rest of my life. I thought about killing my parents. I thought about how I am going to kill my dad because the pain was so strong for me. And I wanted him to suffer because I was suffering. People kept telling me you got to forgive your parents. That’s just not going to happen. But like five or six years ago, I got down on my knees and I just started praying. I was crying. I just had to,” she said.

Corevine started the book 21 years ago, and completed it in 2015.  Outskirts Press, Inc., a self-publishing company, published her book, “Within the Child’s Core.” The book is available at outskirtspress.com, amazon.com, or at Barnes and Noble in Milwaukee.

Corevine recommends you read her book, “Because your core is talking to you when you’re feeling pain and you’re suffering stuff from the past, abuse, whatever the case may be. Your core is speaking. It’s saying it wants to be healed and by reading my book it’s going to allow you to go into your past that you tried to shut out, so you can bring it to the forefront to be able to get it out, to be able to move on.”

And that’s just what Corevine is doing. She finally forgave her dad when he apologized in 2013 and it set her free. “The past no longer haunts my present. I don’t feel anything from the past,” she said.