Bluegrass band energizes fans at Miramar Theatre

Hot Buttered Rum, a notorious and long time touring bluegrass band continued their Spring Tour at the Miramar Theatre on Friday April 8. The energy and excitement that filled the Miramar that night was what everyone in attendance was looking for. The hour and a half non-stop ride that included fiddle, bass, drums, mandolin and guitar kept everyone dancing the whole time they were on stage.

The culmination of the night came when the Hot Buttered Rum invited out some of their friends from “The Last Revel” and “Evergreen Grass Band” who were the opening acts out to play with them for an epic encore. Fortunately I had a chance to sit down with Zebulon Bowles who plays fiddle in the band, before the show. Zebulon is a recent joining member of the band, but has a lot of experience in the industry. Zebulons touring experience and diversity is what makes him such an exciting musician to watch. He has had the chance to play with an array of bands stretching from the rock heavy Kid Rock to more traditional bluegrass bands like “Keller and the Keels” and “Leftover Salmon.”

Zebulon grew up in Humboldt, CO California and has been playing fiddle his entire life. When I asked him what brought him to Milwaukee he said “I’ve been coming here for a few years now, and every time the party gets bigger every time, so it’s hard not to come back.” The feeling is mutual Zebulon! Go download their new album the “The Kite and the Key” on Itunes today.