Loving Lydia Loveless even more

Colectivo’s Backroom was the hot spot to be on Sunday Sept. 11, for the Lydia Loveless concert.

Opening was Will Courtney and his band, serving up the classic flair of something set in stone like the style of Kenny Rogers.

Courtney’s story-telling song, “A Century Behind,” from his 2013 album with the same title, was the perfect warmer for readying ears to what is best described as Loveless’ Country-Pop meets Punk Rock.

This fusion totally works. Loveless’ fun and sassy stage presence, purple hair and floor length, cream colored dress was already memorable, but no one new to her vibe was prepared for this little lady’s immense talents.

With a voice as big as thunder, she belted out, “To Love Somebody,” and played acoustic guitar like a vet one might think longer than her mere 26 years of lifespan. This cut was her choice to make herself clear on what she was giving, which is a sound like nothing ever gathered wrapped in lyrics never forgotten. 

Now, maybe if Tanya Tucker had been born in Loveless’ time and rebellious to her level, sure. Every tune is a no-nonsense stroke of genius giving justice to the fed-up lovers who listen. 

“Real,” the latest album is an unapologetic tell-off to catchy hooks and clever arrangements, all to mirror the stars in her eyes from love, and the scars in her heart.

Tracks such as, “Heaven,” and “Clumps,” might draw real tears.  Loveless’ music makes you want to jump in your car pop in her CD’s and cruise mile long roads, rethinking your last relationship.

Some of her other hits like, “Head,” was a mellow display of her singing her way to a clear conscious, or at least attempting to. Her band was this tight knit compliment of a gift to her songs such as, “European,” “Crazy”, “Bilbao,” and “Real,” the title track.

The brilliant combo gave one last performance, “Boy Crazy,” and just like the song says, the guys got a little out of control in their delivery by beating on the instruments and playing a bit insanely.

Overall, the show was a one stop delight in the living legend of who is Lydia Loveless. We were very lucky to have her here for the Real tour.