A top travesty is in ‘Denial’

On Oct. 20, the AMC Mayfair 18 theater in Wauwatosa held an exclusive, special, advance (by invitation only) screening of “Denial.”

Based on a true story, it opens with Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt (played by Academy Award-winner Rachel Weisz) being upstaged by self-proclaimed, Holocaust historian Brit, David Irving (BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall) at her own lecture and book signing.

She outwardly said him to be a Holocaust denier. He boasts outbursts and questions of forensics aiming that the event never happened to the point that it turns into his book signing followed by a legal accusation of libel.

Because the accuser is British, the American, (Lipstadt) has to prove that the Holocaust was a real event. After years of battles in court, and a very weird, devoid of emotion, visit to the grounds and remains of Auschwitz, Lipstadt’s lawyers eventually prove that Irving’s recollection of the Holocaust’s history is altered, jaded and inconsistent; therefore he cannot be credible enough to be able to accuse anyone of libel.

“Denial” is a tough look at how much strategy and whiskey is put into out-thinking your delusional opponent, and how disrespectful it must have been to the survivors to witness such a case happen in the aftermath of a very great human horror. More can be learned at DenialtheMovie.com or BleeckerStreetMedia.com.