Free food and information

Free food and information

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“What is Constitution Day?’ asked students as they passed through the Mequon campus halls Sept.14, enlightened by the display of American flags, fancy pencils and colorful pocket pamphlets of the United States Constitution splattered around the table. 

The aroma of succulent chicken and fresh-baked chocolate cookies, couldn’t be hidden from curious students’ noses.

Racheal Gray, Aesthetician program student, said, “There are so many students who really don’t know anything about our Constitution. So we thought of a way to both inform students and treat them to our table of information, where you could get free the information, plus a cookie and some chicken.”

The halls began filling up. Students were coming and were excited to get informed on the Constitution, as many liberally took the booklets, exploring through them on site.

“Right to bear arms,” said  Shadean Brown, Nursing program student. “Now, I even know that one, and I’m originally born and raised near Kingston, Jamaica. I had no idea at first what the Constitution was until today, but once I opened the pamphlet, I thought I heard that before. Since I am a citizen of the United States, it would be extremely important to know my rights.”

Members of the Mequon Student Government, with a few volunteers, hold several events throughout the school year at the Mequon campus in order to get more students informed and active on campus.

Brenda Saugstad, Mequon campus student life coordinator, greeted each student as they visited.

“It’s the students who need to be highlighted. Without them this would not be possible, and that is why I’m glad that this was made available in the school to get the students to be aware of what’s important,” said Saugstad.

Each of the four campuses celebrated Constitution Day. Check your email for more events such as this.