Ari Papermaster Movie Review: Birds of Prey

“Birds Of Prey: And The  Fantabulous Emancipation Of  One Harley Quinn,” tells the story of Harley Quinn who, after breaking up with the love of her life, The Joker, (or as she calls him, Mista Jay) is on the run from literally every person who wanted her dead when she was with The Joker, but couldn’t because, well, he basically owns  Gotham City. Hence the nickname, “Clown Prince of Crime.” 

When she was with The Joker, she could do whatever she wanted to whoever she wanted with no consequences, but now that she doesn’t have his protection, she’s on her own, and chaos ensues.  

“Birds Of Prey” is a movie that’s bursting with energy, not only from the vibrant, cinematography but also from the highly entertaining performances. Margot Robbie is,  of course, wonderful as the titular  character, previously having portrayed her in “Suicide Squad.” But  the standout performances here  are Ewan McGregor as the villain  Roman Sionis, and Rosie Perez  as Renee Montoya, the police  detective who actually originated  in “Batman: The Animated Series.”  

Perez, at 55, has still got it.  The character she plays here is a cop who is probably the best in the city and has been underappreciated her entire career,  and she brings a certain edge and authenticity to her performance that really stuck with me. Mc Gregor is just so much fun. The character of Roman Sionis (also known as Black Mask) has never appeared in a live-action film until now, which is very odd considering he’s one of the most interesting Batman villains. He’s been portrayed in animated films and video games before, but never in a live-action film. 

At times, “Birds of Prey” feels a little bit heavy-handed with the jokes and the fourth wall breaking, but it mostly works and the whole cast is so entertaining that it’s worth a watch.

Rating: 4 Star