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Senate deliberates new business

Policy changes discussed at recent District Senate meeting
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The District Student Senate (DSS) had their first meeting on Friday, Feb. 1 at the West Allis Campus to discuss previous plans and new business.  

Administration is asking the Student Government Association (SGA) to answer the question of why providing alcohol at college events is necessary.

A policy change is under consideration that would ban alcohol at college-sponsored events. Other business was discussed, but looming was the proposal regarding students drinking.

Days prior to the DSS meeting, this new business on a student drinking policy transpired as a memo, giving this reporter an opportunity to contact individuals involved closely with the issue and give them a chance to talk candidly.

“Beer and wine will be served at the Murder Mystery Dinner (Feb. 8), but not clear after that event,” said Archie Graham, Student Life director. “Students will have to make a stance about it [the drinking policy], then a decision could be made. My job is to take their feedback to the powers that be and say if the students are happy or unhappy.”

Graham continued with a question posed to Adam Stozier, DSS chairperson, “Here is the big question, how does drinking alcohol enhance an event or activity?”

Strozier responded by saying, “I’m against the policy, not because they put that policy on us [students], but it is not equal across the school.”  

Strozier explains that there hasn’t been an event in the past that would cause a need for this policy, but Strozier knows where Graham stands and his desire to see a cutback on alcohol consumption at college events. Administration brought this idea to Graham’s attention so that a discussion could be had and a resolution drafted.  

Cathy Lechmaier, Student Life coordinator at the Oak Creek Campus, works closely with her SGA committee and knows the challenges she would face if such a policy is approved. 

“Many of the events we have outside of the campus, they give us a low rate on the food and rental of their facility because they anticipate getting money from the bar,” said Lechmaier. She also expressed concerns that if adult students find that they only have the option of fountain drinks at their events; it would cause their attendance to drop with fewer available events.  “We have to have a certain amount of students attending an event to make it feasible, in order to produce it. If our attendance gets low we would have to eliminate an event,” said Lechmaier.

Before the new business was addressed at the meeting, DSS members proceeded with their standard parliamentary procedures.  

Senate members discussed updates from: American Student Association of Community Colleges (ASACC), Wisconsin Student Government (WSG), MATC District Board Report, and Committee Updates (District Events and Budgetary).

Radiology student Keisha Kochanowski  took time to rally 

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