Hobo Johnson swings into song


Photo by Shane W. Potter

Hobo Johnson (right) opens his concert with energy at the Rave on Oct. 26.

Hobo Johnson, a revolutionizing artist out of Nashville, Tennessee, brings an interesting perspective to hip-hop music. While Hobo Johnson performs with live instruments and an entire band, his style of music portrays more of a poetry vibe. Fans were waiting anxiously for Hobo Johnson to come onto the stage and when he did, everyone went berserk. The energy at the Rave on Oct. 26 was astonishing. Hobo Johnson and his band swung from song to song smoothly without any intermission.

This was special considering how tiring it can get singing song after song without a break, but was a vital part to keeping the energy alive. I would recommend seeing Hobo Johnson to anyone and everyone; it was a spectacular performance.