Tutoring Club presents Comedy Night


Photo by Kirsten Schmitt/Times

Pat Munsell, comedian, gets a laugh out of the crowd at “A Night of Laughs” sponsored by the Tutoring Club.

On April 4, MATC Tutoring Club sponsored a comedy night titled, “A Night of Laughs.” James Rauth, Human Services program, is the president of the Tutoring Club. He offered MATC students a chance of free admission to watch Chicago’s very own Class Clown Robert Kliener.
The event took place at Rounding Third restaurant. Before reveling in laughter from Kliener, students and faculty including the Tutoring Club adviser, Chris Johnson, enjoyed listening to students from the Comedy College in Milwaukee.
The audience heard comedians with 15 years of experience, three years of experience, and one who was only gracing the stage for the second time.
Comedians included Rauth, Ryan Lowe, Pat Munsell, ‘Hail Mary’ Mary Angela, Jeremy Packey, and Kleiner.
Rauth said his inspiration for the evening was that the Tutoring Club wanted to have a social event.  “I (have) been connected to comedy for a while so it was a natural (choice) for us to choose comedy. It was also the club’s very first social event,” stated Rauth.