LinkedIn expert shares tips for getting the gig


Photo by Ashley Zunker

Former students and IT professionals spoke on a panel about the IT program and future opportunities on Nov. 5 at the Downtown Campus.

On Nov. 5, students in the information technology (IT) programs at MATC, as well as those seeking employment in the field, attended a seminar given by the CEO of Power Formula and author of “The Power Formula for LinkedIn,” Wayne Breitbarth.
Students were given the opportunity to have their résumés looked over by professionals and have their photographs taken by MATC’s Photography Club for their LinkedIn profiles.
A professional photograph is also a must. “Not like the one you have on Facebook or Twitter now,” Breitbarth said.  “It must be professional looking.”
There are 300 applicants for most jobs available and having a LinkedIn profile will help a person move to the top of the pile.  One should have at least 50 connections in their chosen field and that should include recruiters in that field.  Joining groups related to the field is also a good idea.
Keeping an updated profile is another good idea. “Don’t write statuses like you would on Facebook,” Breitbarth said. The status could be a video or an article relating to a chosen field.
A LinkedIn profile would be useful to all students to have no matter what field they are going into. Employers will look for a LinkedIn profile before they begin the interview process. It is also wise to look up the possible employers who will be conducting the interview. Employers will be more willing to hire someone if that person knows who they are talking to before he or she walks into the interview.